P.W. Sonnet No.5



running like a freight train to the other side of hell

like a never ending story that my heart once lived to tell

 passing from your body doesn’t make for a clean start

my soul went with your body the last beating of your heart

 you go on and on and on and on


trembling like a newborn on a cold and frosty morning

you took my breath and passed me over to be born again inside my soul

 where you live forever after as I lay me down to sleep–

 but there’s no “happy ever after pray the lord my soul to keep”


 lying softly in your memory like a whisper on the wind

you go on and on to capture the release of now and then

 and you go on and on and on and on

til my heart flies up into the sky

you go on and on and on and on

in the secrets locked inside your eyes


in the bleeding heart of rapture buried deep inside my sighs

where the river flows to capture the elusive dream that never dies

oblivious to the hands of time like a freight train running through my mind

you take my breath into the clouds where you live inside a misty shrouded castle so divine


you pull me on and on and on an on

in the bleeding heart of rapture in a dream that cuts so deep

and there’s no happy ever after where the lovers never sleep

where the lovers never sleep


Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2007





About sharonsharinginsights

Namaste'! I write poetry, stories, essays, reviews, editorials, screenplays, get the idea! I love to write. I graduated from UI&U in Vermont, U.S. with BA in Writing and Literature with a concentration in Women's Studies. I was chosen and interviewed as local artist for my writing on local online college magazine HOWL (circa 2003). My writings have been published in several genres and I have won numerous awards for my poetry. I am desirous of having my own collection of poetry and/or other writings published in my OWN book. I am passionate about women's issues, romance, love and a great number of benevolent causes. I am pretty passionate about almost anything that is NOT mundane or boring. I write from my soul (cliche' I know). Most of my work has been published and/or copyrighted (all either or both). My goal, again, is to publish a book of poetry, short stories, a novel, novellas, another song (collaborating with someone who writes music...hello, out there?)....OK more later, and thank you for checking me out! Sharon View all posts by sharonsharinginsights

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