Fields of Clover

Fields of Clover

What do you think you are going to do? Turn me around? Show me something new?

I don’t think so; For I’ve been everywhere you’d conceivably dare to go.

I’ve trespassed over borders and laid in lush green fields

And I’ve tried to make some order of the tangled thorns around my heels

I’ve fallen down onto my knees in the middle of the road

Ran naked in the misty breeze to seek shelter from the cold

Hid among the big oak trees, fell into a deep black hole

Felt the current rising to my knees and fiercely fought the undertow

After reason’s swept you under; swiftly rises up insanity

Standing naked in all its wonder for all who care to see

Rushing in to help restore in vain the beauty of the seasons

Gone to rest forevermore in a blatant act of treason

If peace is an elusive dream, then my life is just a lie

I’ll tear off my clothes and scream, lie down in a clover field and die

No, you can’t show me my life in any other turns or stance

Than the way I’ve dodged the curves and the way I’ve danced the dance

For I am what I have tasted; and a lifetime is just a pause

In this carousel of wasted dreams and I implore for what good cause

But a wonder from the heavens raining down upon my face

That he mutilated in his fury and then offered me a taste

Of another spoonful of his vengeance

To send me falling far from grace

So do not take my hand if you are not up for the ride

For there are things you’ll never understand and you’ll soon have to decide

If your heart is strong enough and you’re not afraid of heights

Some would say the path is rough when the days turn into nights

So do not stand me in the sun If you won’t see me in the rain

For in all these things I am and laughter loosely foils the pain

I’m bone tired of running all these years and then hiding all the rest

From wooden boxes upon platforms rising up inside my chest

So lie me down in fields of clover and wipe the past out from my eyes

Then pull me up and lead me over to an even softer field of lies

Gaze upon the foreboding mountain, take my hand and there we’ll go

Stand among the brilliant stars, look back down and then you’ll know

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2005; revised 2012


About sharonsharinginsights

Namaste'! I write poetry, stories, essays, reviews, editorials, screenplays, get the idea! I love to write. I graduated from UI&U in Vermont, U.S. with BA in Writing and Literature with a concentration in Women's Studies. I was chosen and interviewed as local artist for my writing on local online college magazine HOWL (circa 2003). My writings have been published in several genres and I have won numerous awards for my poetry. I am desirous of having my own collection of poetry and/or other writings published in my OWN book. I am passionate about women's issues, romance, love and a great number of benevolent causes. I am pretty passionate about almost anything that is NOT mundane or boring. I write from my soul (cliche' I know). Most of my work has been published and/or copyrighted (all either or both). My goal, again, is to publish a book of poetry, short stories, a novel, novellas, another song (collaborating with someone who writes music...hello, out there?)....OK more later, and thank you for checking me out! Sharon View all posts by sharonsharinginsights

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