Ruminations on War, Peace and Freedom

I find it ironic that the same person who labels abortion as murder or refuses to go to war himself (whether due to religious convictions or morals), believes it is justifiable to advocate and participate in the murder of millions of babies (and women and children-or any human life for that matter) under the premise of “protecting” a country or “freedom”. And I find it even more ironic that anyone who supports invading another country and dropping bombs on weddings and funerals… and literally just randomly…justifies these actions by stating that the people (babies included) that they are brutally killing are “terrorists“; but fail to see how the term “terrorist” or “murderer” could apply to them, when they are terrorizing the terrorists. When will we realize that all murder is wrong and that peace is the only way that we can live morally and with any manner of justice….and love?  If anyone claims to be “religious” in any manner at all, then they would never be able to promote violence and murder. This is why “religion” is not the same as “religious” or, going a step further, having faith, love and truth. Because if you do believe in a higher being (God) or whatever “religious” or “spiritual” faith you follow, then you will have a conscience that will not allow you to commit sins that literally defy everything that is just and moral. If you believe in the Judeo-Christian religion (or any for that matter) you would have to believe that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. And that we do not answer to a man’s or a government’s laws, but to a higher being who teaches tolerance, peacefulness and love. Whatever religious or spiritual “higher” source you believe in, you would have to concede to the fact that you are not religious and/or you have no morals. Only a man who believes in a higher being and follows his heart with faith, love and peace, can claim that he is moral and/or religious/spiritual and, if that be the case, then he would not be consciously able to advocate or participate in any type of violence or murder and there would be no hate, no war and no murder; only love, tolerance and peace.  And without love and peace we can never be truly free. How can you ever experience freedom if your conscience continues to be enslaved by the consuming hatred and -if you possess a conscience- guilt of the practice or advocacy of horrific crimes, especially one of the most heinous of crimes, murdering an innocent baby or, for that, matter, taking (any) persons life?


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Namaste'! I write poetry, stories, essays, reviews, editorials, screenplays, get the idea! I love to write. I graduated from UI&U in Vermont, U.S. with BA in Writing and Literature with a concentration in Women's Studies. I was chosen and interviewed as local artist for my writing on local online college magazine HOWL (circa 2003). My writings have been published in several genres and I have won numerous awards for my poetry. I am desirous of having my own collection of poetry and/or other writings published in my OWN book. I am passionate about women's issues, romance, love and a great number of benevolent causes. I am pretty passionate about almost anything that is NOT mundane or boring. I write from my soul (cliche' I know). Most of my work has been published and/or copyrighted (all either or both). My goal, again, is to publish a book of poetry, short stories, a novel, novellas, another song (collaborating with someone who writes music...hello, out there?)....OK more later, and thank you for checking me out! Sharon View all posts by sharonsharinginsights

4 responses to “Ruminations on War, Peace and Freedom

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  • underthejewfro

    I think there’s a lot that people from both sides of the two major parties are blind to. Anyone who believes the Democratic party is 100% filled with lies and the Republican party is always right are fooling themselves, Likewise, anyone who thinks the Republican party is 100% filled with lies and the Democratic party is always right are also fooling themselves. Both candidates have lied, and both sides are willing to point that out, but only when it doesn’t involve their candidate.

    There exists a middle ground. There’s things from both sides I agree and disagree with, but to admit that means I’m an outcast from both. It’s an unbelievably volatile political climate. We’ve gotten to the point where hardly anyone is listening to each other anymore. I’m predicting this next decade to be a pretty remarkable one in our nations history.

    • sharonsharinginsights

      I agree with you and there actually is a revolution going on right now….the people want to take back what is their’s -freedom, as I said not just to vote for one of TWO candidates, but to have the election open to more points of view. I also agree with some of the points on both sides, but I disagree even more with both of their major platforms. So I can not with good conscience vote for either one. I am glad that I have another choice and I do not believe I will be throwing away my vote (remember Florida 2000? I live in Florida). If you are in CA or one of the other states, you KNOW who is going to win but that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to vote for him (or the other one for that matter). Change happens slowly sometimes -usually at first-but then it comes so quickly that people don’t even know what hit them. That is what is happening now. Mainstream America is being fed by the media and so many don’t even know about it, but thankfully because we now have internet and all the avenues of communication such as FB, Twitter, Linked-In, etc., it is a lot easier to SEE what is going on that is NOT being revealed to us by the political “machine”. As you said, I want to have another choice and I want that the media (all media-big networks etc) to broadcast these other candidates so that I can make an informative choice. Thank God I happened to catch the Third Party debates on C-Span…..
      Thanks and hope to continue this…

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