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In Tuscany

???????????????????????????In Tuscany

In Tuscany I learned magnifico

As sunshine danced his classic face, my mood

Da Vinci would embrace; Bravissimo!

I had Chocolate; He, pistachio

In a Bistro we bestowed our gratitude

Arms entwined we did define magnifico

His eyes a deep insight of indigo

Mere pleasantries we ascertained as prude

The atmosphere it was bravissimo!
A kiss, we christened this our interlude

As a cry escaped our sighs; “Magnifico!?????????????????

We ventured to an obscure bungalow

The sunset on the distant multitude

A crowd cheered from afar; “Bravissimo!”

Chianti, candles, tiramisu, and Oh!

These flames exude his name with magnitude

In Tuscany I learned magnifico

Leonardo never knew bravissimo!

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2004????????????????????????????????


I’M BACK!!!!!

Hey everyone. I am back with a vengeance and a lot on my mind! I’m here to create and have a controversial time. I love passion and politics, soul mate love and hot sultry desire, Shakespeare on fire and Global warming & Climate Control, women’s rights and sexy attire, debates and civil rights, I intend to use my pain and rise to spectacular heights and make this blog the best site on and the whole wide world because if you want it dished, then I am your girl. I’ll give you luscious romance and the latest in government scandals, Zeitgeist and the war mongers and drones and Princess Di’s death, Prince Will and the royal throne, World Peace and the Military Money Machine, torture and terrorism, conspiracy theories, poetry, stories, the meaning of dreams, memoirs, reviews, editorials, Jill’s party that’s green, humor and how laughter will cure anything, in-depth religious debates and world news, spirituality, yoga, Pilates, meditation and Sharon Saltzberg, sustainable energy and music for the soul, the healthiest & delicious food and the diet debates, Theater and the Arts, New York City and Greenwich Village, movie reviews, Noam Chomsky, illegal search and seizure, alternative lifestyles and traditional fare of the day, women’s power and men everywhere, Mohammed and Jesus and Jesuit Priests, heaven and hell, Creation versus Evolution, Why we are IN a revolution and don’t know it and it’s all well?, the secret of success and why life is unfair, surviving abuse and unveiling the shame to empower and control it, how to win at the jealousy game, Tuscany villas and starving children in India, Congo & the great USA! Obama’s spying on Fox and the Cat in the Hat, Are we losing our freedom of speech and where is it at? Where is Bin Laden’s body and Kennedy’s brain? Can you not stop the killing & torture of your fellow man, the Patriot Act is in violation of the First Amendment, the right to detain, search & torture without legal counsel or cause, John Lennon imagined a dream and so did King and JFK, can we stand by and do nothing for world peace without going insane? You want it, I got it and til I drop I shall write, I’ll capture your heart, mind and soul if it takes me all night!

Learning to Lose Love (When people you love are disloyal)


Post from the 2012 Presidential Election on Third Party Jill Green

sharon sharing insights

Do you feel like you just do not want to vote in this Presidential election because you aren’t comfortable with either candidate? Or do you feel that you need to vote for one whether or not you really agree with all of his party’s platform? If you do not want to vote for either one of these two corporate-funded Presidential nominees, please don’t just vote for the less of two evils, and don’t sit-out the election in despair and protest, instead I urge you to please go to Presidential third-party nominee Jill Stein’s and her VP running mate Cheri Honkala’s Green New Deal Party website @  and and see what they have to offer you. Stein is the only candidate who is for the 99%…the rest of us! If all of us who do not really like or want to continue as we are IN the hands of…

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The Encore

The Encore.

Learning to Lose Love

LoyaltyThe Loyalty Firm 2Never let anyone diminish youLearning to Lose Love

To delve through this heap of trash piled high before my eyes

From the cold dark black reaper who brought down our blameless lives

How could I have borne his children? Played the virulent role of wife?

Those I loved and raised through sunshine and tears

Carried in my body nine months; love endlessly through years

Tried to mull through all the mire; should have left once more than many times

But you love(d) him so it seemed no matter what or why

You have no conception of the countless nights I cried… and died

Survival often times dictates that we create our own reality

And you live yours as I do mine… and for me it’s desolate right now

Since my very soul, it bleeds.

For I am a person of flesh, blood and bones, no validation needed, I am me and me I own.

But words defy how icy cold I feel to be me standing endlessly alone.

And I don’t have to agree with your philosophies, principles or how you live your life

I discern you are you and though I feel it is unequivocally fundamental to have been loyal and true

I will never beg for the same gifts of trust, respect and loyalty from a superfluous you.

I won’t ask those things of anyone but I know what’s right for me

And degradation and betrayal choke my life-blood, currently to an insurmountable degree.

And it will do the same to you because, as you will someday see

Perhaps long after I’ve departed from your life, maybe for eternity

You have blamed, berated, and slandered me for every adversity in your life

I’ve allowed you to smash me down to nobody and worship the “powers” that you perceive to “be”.

And for those insolent trivial persons you bashed in my skull and left me here to bleed

Only when karma comes around to you will you wake up and see the deed

And it’s all so dirty, not so pretty, so I’ll remove myself and hold my peaceful solid ground

And I’ll stand for what I believe; and care not a scrap for the (crap) that they fling around.

Because words cut deep for a little while and indifference prickles my heart

But disloyalty can never be quite ever squared for it breaks the foundation of unconditional love

Without which we all crumble around into the sacred ground that used to house our hearts.

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright May 22, 2013