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I’M BACK!!!!!

Hey everyone. I am back with a vengeance and a lot on my mind! I’m here to create and have a controversial time. I love passion and politics, soul mate love and hot sultry desire, Shakespeare on fire and Global warming & Climate Control, women’s rights and sexy attire, debates and civil rights, I intend to use my pain and rise to spectacular heights and make this blog the best site on and the whole wide world because if you want it dished, then I am your girl. I’ll give you luscious romance and the latest in government scandals, Zeitgeist and the war mongers and drones and Princess Di’s death, Prince Will and the royal throne, World Peace and the Military Money Machine, torture and terrorism, conspiracy theories, poetry, stories, the meaning of dreams, memoirs, reviews, editorials, Jill’s party that’s green, humor and how laughter will cure anything, in-depth religious debates and world news, spirituality, yoga, Pilates, meditation and Sharon Saltzberg, sustainable energy and music for the soul, the healthiest & delicious food and the diet debates, Theater and the Arts, New York City and Greenwich Village, movie reviews, Noam Chomsky, illegal search and seizure, alternative lifestyles and traditional fare of the day, women’s power and men everywhere, Mohammed and Jesus and Jesuit Priests, heaven and hell, Creation versus Evolution, Why we are IN a revolution and don’t know it and it’s all well?, the secret of success and why life is unfair, surviving abuse and unveiling the shame to empower and control it, how to win at the jealousy game, Tuscany villas and starving children in India, Congo & the great USA! Obama’s spying on Fox and the Cat in the Hat, Are we losing our freedom of speech and where is it at? Where is Bin Laden’s body and Kennedy’s brain? Can you not stop the killing & torture of your fellow man, the Patriot Act is in violation of the First Amendment, the right to detain, search & torture without legal counsel or cause, John Lennon imagined a dream and so did King and JFK, can we stand by and do nothing for world peace without going insane? You want it, I got it and til I drop I shall write, I’ll capture your heart, mind and soul if it takes me all night!


Learning to Lose Love (When people you love are disloyal)

What I Have Learned of Life

What I Have Learned of Life.





My insides are turned out

And I ache from the fear

Of not owning the truth

And the lies I hold dear

To my lost bleeding heart

In insane desperation

Struggling with my mind

To maintain a raw separation

From your deceptive eyes

And the truth in my heart

That pulls me out of your hands

And tears my world all apart

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2002

Mask of the Abuser



Mask (Photo credit: Rodfather)

English: A heavy-duty "bow rake" use...

Mask of the Abuser

Mask of the Abuser

Mask of the Abuser


The fear is all inclusive

As memories tear into my soul

And sleep seems so elusive

How can you still




I was repulsed by you in every way

So I just go on remembering

How your loathsome fingers


My skin crawl

and bruise




And my blood runs exhilaratingly cold

As I finally rise to the occasion

For you no longer can hold

My disgust at arm’s length

With you r

 obsolete persuasion

Than you can

Approach Me

within three hundred

and fifty



Either way you are a loser

But what more could be expected

From behind the mask

of the abuser?

I have studied revenge,

But it no longer

tastes so sweet

For my salvation

is in forgiving

Even as

my throat


with your



But as you crawl amongst the living

I won’t forget until you are beat

With a garden rake into the ground

And your evil scales

laid low

Only then

will these memories


And slither


your deep




On that magnificent occasion

When your frozen mask bursts into flames

And your wicked power melts into ashes

And swallows up my grievous shame


When your naked truth is blatant

For all who care to see

The devil

in all



Who stole

my soul



Only then


my heart


Only then


my soul





Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2002



Ruminations on War, Peace and Freedom

I find it ironic that the same person who labels abortion as murder or refuses to go to war himself (whether due to religious convictions or morals), believes it is justifiable to advocate and participate in the murder of millions of babies (and women and children-or any human life for that matter) under the premise of “protecting” a country or “freedom”. And I find it even more ironic that anyone who supports invading another country and dropping bombs on weddings and funerals… and literally just randomly…justifies these actions by stating that the people (babies included) that they are brutally killing are “terrorists“; but fail to see how the term “terrorist” or “murderer” could apply to them, when they are terrorizing the terrorists. When will we realize that all murder is wrong and that peace is the only way that we can live morally and with any manner of justice….and love?  If anyone claims to be “religious” in any manner at all, then they would never be able to promote violence and murder. This is why “religion” is not the same as “religious” or, going a step further, having faith, love and truth. Because if you do believe in a higher being (God) or whatever “religious” or “spiritual” faith you follow, then you will have a conscience that will not allow you to commit sins that literally defy everything that is just and moral. If you believe in the Judeo-Christian religion (or any for that matter) you would have to believe that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. And that we do not answer to a man’s or a government’s laws, but to a higher being who teaches tolerance, peacefulness and love. Whatever religious or spiritual “higher” source you believe in, you would have to concede to the fact that you are not religious and/or you have no morals. Only a man who believes in a higher being and follows his heart with faith, love and peace, can claim that he is moral and/or religious/spiritual and, if that be the case, then he would not be consciously able to advocate or participate in any type of violence or murder and there would be no hate, no war and no murder; only love, tolerance and peace.  And without love and peace we can never be truly free. How can you ever experience freedom if your conscience continues to be enslaved by the consuming hatred and -if you possess a conscience- guilt of the practice or advocacy of horrific crimes, especially one of the most heinous of crimes, murdering an innocent baby or, for that, matter, taking (any) persons life?

Dr. Jill Stein in Madison, WI 12-16-2011 299.jpg

Dr. Jill Stein in Madison, WI 12-16-2011 299.jpg (Photo credit: ra_hurd)

I love Jill Stein!

She has more moxie than Romney and Obama combined

bare and breathe: on writing from the soul

bare and breathe: on writing from the soul.

Haunting Hands

Haunting Hands

Your hands nauseate me in a sick cry to my throat

Why didn’t you just end it when you had the chance?

Now you drag it around like your own whipping post

You can’t stare like a fool at those treacherous hands

Without feeling my fingers float over your skin

And the way I climbed under it that hurt you so good

Will haunt your desperate dreams again and again

While your frozen heart burns with the last cry that you heard

Hell hath no fury like my battered soul on that night

When you broke in to spades the foundation we laid

Drudgeries bullet you bite fires my vengeful delight

May you never again know love like the love that we made

Sharon Lynn van meter

Copyright 2002