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I’M BACK!!!!!

Hey everyone. I am back with a vengeance and a lot on my mind! I’m here to create and have a controversial time. I love passion and politics, soul mate love and hot sultry desire, Shakespeare on fire and Global warming & Climate Control, women’s rights and sexy attire, debates and civil rights, I intend to use my pain and rise to spectacular heights and make this blog the best site on and the whole wide world because if you want it dished, then I am your girl. I’ll give you luscious romance and the latest in government scandals, Zeitgeist and the war mongers and drones and Princess Di’s death, Prince Will and the royal throne, World Peace and the Military Money Machine, torture and terrorism, conspiracy theories, poetry, stories, the meaning of dreams, memoirs, reviews, editorials, Jill’s party that’s green, humor and how laughter will cure anything, in-depth religious debates and world news, spirituality, yoga, Pilates, meditation and Sharon Saltzberg, sustainable energy and music for the soul, the healthiest & delicious food and the diet debates, Theater and the Arts, New York City and Greenwich Village, movie reviews, Noam Chomsky, illegal search and seizure, alternative lifestyles and traditional fare of the day, women’s power and men everywhere, Mohammed and Jesus and Jesuit Priests, heaven and hell, Creation versus Evolution, Why we are IN a revolution and don’t know it and it’s all well?, the secret of success and why life is unfair, surviving abuse and unveiling the shame to empower and control it, how to win at the jealousy game, Tuscany villas and starving children in India, Congo & the great USA! Obama’s spying on Fox and the Cat in the Hat, Are we losing our freedom of speech and where is it at? Where is Bin Laden’s body and Kennedy’s brain? Can you not stop the killing & torture of your fellow man, the Patriot Act is in violation of the First Amendment, the right to detain, search & torture without legal counsel or cause, John Lennon imagined a dream and so did King and JFK, can we stand by and do nothing for world peace without going insane? You want it, I got it and til I drop I shall write, I’ll capture your heart, mind and soul if it takes me all night!


spoon-feed me whispers

spoon-feed me whispers.

spoon-feed me whispers

spoon-feed me whispers.

Falling In

Falling In

Mystery surrounds me like a cloud of smoky rain

Feeling with my bones inside this blurry silver flame

Grasping the intangibles that swallow me within

Unable to distinguish where I end and you begin

Floating on a downy cloud into eternity

Engulfed by an inferno deeply penetrating me

Mystical haze of ecstasy exploding with the truth

Drunken by your lifeblood; I am breathing into you

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2004

Taming the Beast: Women and Fairy Tales

Taming the Beast: Women and Fairy Tales.

Muse My Mind

Muse My Mind

Inside me you breathe

I bleed words into your soul

Mused minds never leave

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2012

Diary of Indiscretion

Diary of Indiscretion.

Bite Me

Tear me with your fangs

I want to feel your pain

I need to see you go

Deep inside my soul

Change me

Rearrange me

You derange me

Take me to the night

Tear apart my bleeding heart

Your dazzling white teeth blind me

Your unearthly eyes

shine golden bright

In silver-blue slivers

of a full moonlight

Entrancing my mind

Stirring my insides

Hurry up, yes hurry up

And bite me

Your body moves


in so close

Your breath the deepest

mournful moan

Suck the blood out from

my very soul

The ethereal trees swallow us

up hole

So utterly alone in the still dark night

My adrenaline pumps

precariously high

Ice-cold fingers close around my throat

Excruciating heat

flows through my sighs

Icy lips sear fire

through my feverish skin

Change me to dazzling from within

Go ahead and bite me baby

Live eternally tonight baby

Give lifeblood’s immortality

Hell‘s a reality

and heaven a dream

Existence is you devouring me

My blood runs hot throughout your veins

Pain so lavish

it drives me insane

So smooth how you have changed me,

So illicit the way you

rearranged me

So deranged

how you excite me

Oh yeah, I love

the way you bite me

How you slide

your soul inside me

Now we see forever


Yes I love

the way


bite me

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2012

spoon-feed me whispers

spoon-feed me whispers.

Emily Dickinson: Rebel Woman Poet

Emily Dickinson: Rebel Woman Poet.