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I’M BACK!!!!!

Hey everyone. I am back with a vengeance and a lot on my mind! I’m here to create and have a controversial time. I love passion and politics, soul mate love and hot sultry desire, Shakespeare on fire and Global warming & Climate Control, women’s rights and sexy attire, debates and civil rights, I intend to use my pain and rise to spectacular heights and make this blog the best site on and the whole wide world because if you want it dished, then I am your girl. I’ll give you luscious romance and the latest in government scandals, Zeitgeist and the war mongers and drones and Princess Di’s death, Prince Will and the royal throne, World Peace and the Military Money Machine, torture and terrorism, conspiracy theories, poetry, stories, the meaning of dreams, memoirs, reviews, editorials, Jill’s party that’s green, humor and how laughter will cure anything, in-depth religious debates and world news, spirituality, yoga, Pilates, meditation and Sharon Saltzberg, sustainable energy and music for the soul, the healthiest & delicious food and the diet debates, Theater and the Arts, New York City and Greenwich Village, movie reviews, Noam Chomsky, illegal search and seizure, alternative lifestyles and traditional fare of the day, women’s power and men everywhere, Mohammed and Jesus and Jesuit Priests, heaven and hell, Creation versus Evolution, Why we are IN a revolution and don’t know it and it’s all well?, the secret of success and why life is unfair, surviving abuse and unveiling the shame to empower and control it, how to win at the jealousy game, Tuscany villas and starving children in India, Congo & the great USA! Obama’s spying on Fox and the Cat in the Hat, Are we losing our freedom of speech and where is it at? Where is Bin Laden’s body and Kennedy’s brain? Can you not stop the killing & torture of your fellow man, the Patriot Act is in violation of the First Amendment, the right to detain, search & torture without legal counsel or cause, John Lennon imagined a dream and so did King and JFK, can we stand by and do nothing for world peace without going insane? You want it, I got it and til I drop I shall write, I’ll capture your heart, mind and soul if it takes me all night!


spoon-feed me whispers

spoon-feed me whispers.

spoon-feed me whispers

spoon-feed me whispers.




I cannot begin to try to guess

The moment you cast the spell

I can vaguely recall that flash

Of an enticing guarded smile

Then a seductive glance

An almost regal air of authority

With a stoic sparring stance


I was swept up and off my guard

By the smooth solicitation

The relentless magical way

You uncovered layer after layer

The mounting anticipation

Of the next ephemeral interlude

With the exceedingly charming stranger

Who captivates my every mood


I was sure you were just a passing muse

But every new encounter turned me

Inside out and now it’s just no use

To pretend there is nothing more to see

Than an enchanted optical illusion

I have never know anything such as this

These depths of emotional confusion

And heights of sheer and utter bliss


You are like no one else I have ever known

Did you step out of one of my dreams?

Because now you star in every one

But when I awake I’m still all alone

Is there a reality to this delirium?

For this enchantment to you I enthrone


Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2000

A Kiss

A Kiss


a kiss

is the ultimate

provocative expression

of love

you can detach yourself

from everything else

but a kiss

is so personal

a tender

brush of lips




mouth to mouth




of unique



falling into

the depths of

the touch

the scent

the warmth

of sharing

secret places


the most








Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2003


The Sovereign Place

Such utter heights of rapturous grace

My naked soul pressed to his face

Sweet warmth flows out between my sighs

My lips he moistens with his eyes

I dance his tongue in glistening strides

Deep inside my soul he slides

Falling In

Falling In

Mystery surrounds me like a cloud of smoky rain

Feeling with my bones inside this blurry silver flame

Grasping the intangibles that swallow me within

Unable to distinguish where I end and you begin

Floating on a downy cloud into eternity

Engulfed by an inferno deeply penetrating me

Mystical haze of ecstasy exploding with the truth

Drunken by your lifeblood; I am breathing into you

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2004



Who are you this time? Ball is over time to go home.Masquerader who took your coat? Ball is over time to go home but the music keeps playing and it drowns out my pain as we keep swaying and the tick of the clock somewhere out in the square and the horses are waiting like thieves in the night my chariot stands drenched in moonbeams evanescent light

Engraved in my mind is the sound of your voice and it resonates one, two, three and four. Your hand clutches my waist as the pale lights bathe us across the dance floor.Your face is so close I smell your desire and the smooth way your hardness plays soft with the music glides me into your arms, Masquerader who are you tonight?

Your dark hair cascades down the nape of your neck as my fingers brush lightly across it and your mouth curves in mysteries too deep to fathom inclusive of all that you are. A Lord, a Marauder, a thief in the night stealing my breath with your sighs hanging heavily in the soft shimmering lights engulfing my soul with the resonant sound of your heart beating rhythmically to the music and mine so close I could whisper your name,  Masquerader who are you tonight?

The moon intergrades with the sound of the sighs whispered under your breath as you guide me around the dance floor and I wonder and ponder the thrill of your arms beneath the smooth silk of your shirt as it plays like a kiss on your skin Masquerader who are you I wonder again as the sound of the clock in the square rings midnight and I am no closer than nearer to you in this moment than I ever have been in my life.

I stumble and mumble; you smile under your mustache so dark and so smooth and I feel the rough ache of your face next to mine pulling me closer much closer than that and I know you can feel my heart pounding deep into your chest in rhythm with yours so steady and strong my breath catches somewhere in my throat.

Oh Masquerader your breath burns my throat and I want to lie down in your arms and I know that you know that you own me this moment, you own me this moment so take me to places where I’ve never been like the places that live in my mind where a dark handsome Lord in a silk tailored coat rides up on a white steed and whisks me away into the moonlight, oh Masquerader is this just another one of my fancies, a fairy tale dream in the night?

Don’t let the music stop playing let it go on forever eternal inside of my mind as you lift me up into your arms and twirl me across the dance floor and moonbeams immerse us like nymphs in the night. The ball is over time to go home the ball is over time to go home but the music keeps playing a tune I have heard in my mind so many times before. I must clutch you tight around your neck to believe I hold you inside of my heart I don’t want to go home let the music play on, I want more Masquerader I know who you are.

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2006

Say My Name


Say My Name

I contemplate your mouth

So cynical a smile

So devilish a grin

A sensual mouth

So oblivious to it’s

seductive powers

The soothing, melodic

sound of your voice

tickling my ears

So unaware of how

hopelessly weak

my legs have become

And nothing can compare

to the sound

of my name

sliding off

of your tongue

The intoxicating way

that only

your mouth can fondle

each syllable

The tantalizing manner

In which

your lips caress

the pronunciation

Come close to me

and whisper it

in my ear with

your hot breath

on my neck

Stroke that spot

below my ear

on my neck

with my name

on your tongue

Take my breath

Take it now

Breathe my name

Say it now

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Moonstruck: Perfect Romantic Comedy/Screenplay, Male Lead & Dialouge


Moonstruck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Annotation of Billy Mernit’s

Writing the Romantic Comedy

[On Romance, the Perfect Male Lead and Importance of Dialogue]

…For instance, just as Moonstruck would not be Moonstruck without the big luminous moon shimmering in the backdrop, neither would it be Moonstruck without the following speech so eloquently delivered by a love struck Ronnie. It serves to characterize Ronnie’s sense of humor and irony, sensitivity, insight, masculinity, self-awareness, strength and vulnerability. His words place him right in Cary Grant’s shoes, as the perfect, yet imperfect, quintessential male lead role in a romantic comedy. Ronnie’s raw poetic speech to Loretta in Moonstruck (my oft-quoted and favorite piece of dialogue from my absolute favorite and most loved romantic comedy of all time!) is as perfect as it gets in explaining the sweet imperfection, the beautiful fear, wondrous heartbreak, the thrilling uncertainty and the primal lightning bolt passion which at once hurls our hearts straight through hell and Elysium:

“Love don’t make things nice. It ruins everything, it breaks your heart. It makes things a mess! We’re not here to make things perfect. Snowflakes are perfect. The stars are perfect. Not us, not us! We are here to ruin our-selves and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and die! The story books are bullshit. Now go upstairs and get into my bed (Moonstruck, 93)!”

{Excerpt from UI&U Presentation on Romantic Screenplays}

By Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2009