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What I Have Learned of Life

What I Have Learned of Life.


Rain In My Mind

Seems my brain collides

With everybody’s rain

And it pours

                        And it pours

                                                   God it pours

How can I soak up the excess?

Clean out the chaos?

                            I’m in a nightmare

                                                      Wake up

                                                                 Wake up

My life is written everywhere

                                                     In bits and pieces 

                                                                          Of the sky

                                                                                           I live

                                                                                                    I die

I give my best 

But it’s never good




The walls are tight

They punch me




Knock out my breath

 I want out of this mess

                                   Out to live



                                                                     My life 

You screwed me


                     And he did

                                        And he did

                                                              And he did


My thoughts come crashing






I’m killing you 

Out of my mind





My brain collides with everybody’s rain

And nobody sees my pain









Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2012




spoon-feed me whispers

spoon-feed me whispers.




I cannot begin to try to guess

The moment you cast the spell

I can vaguely recall that flash

Of an enticing guarded smile

Then a seductive glance

An almost regal air of authority

With a stoic sparring stance


I was swept up and off my guard

By the smooth solicitation

The relentless magical way

You uncovered layer after layer

The mounting anticipation

Of the next ephemeral interlude

With the exceedingly charming stranger

Who captivates my every mood


I was sure you were just a passing muse

But every new encounter turned me

Inside out and now it’s just no use

To pretend there is nothing more to see

Than an enchanted optical illusion

I have never know anything such as this

These depths of emotional confusion

And heights of sheer and utter bliss


You are like no one else I have ever known

Did you step out of one of my dreams?

Because now you star in every one

But when I awake I’m still all alone

Is there a reality to this delirium?

For this enchantment to you I enthrone


Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2000





This silence would be deafening

But for the thunder in my heart

My mind wanders through the stardust

To secure that elusive flickering port

I speak in desperation to my heart in undertones

But my insistent words of wisdom

It consistently bemoans

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

Copyright 2005

Heart of the Sea

The moon dangles so precariously

I fear that it may fall
And shatter in a thousand pieces
So that I must gather up them all

And clutch unto my trembling breast

The remnants of my heart
In the dark and sacred silence
To pronounce reverence as an art
And the lonely stars weep so profusely
For the loss of unity
Their iridescent tears blend with my own
To mingle with the mournful sea
And as I stand in breathless wonder
Where The Luring Ocean Meets The Land

My heart is swept up by the cresting wave
To break once more inside your hands
Sharon Lynn Van Meter
[Copyright 2003]


The eye of the tiger,the bite of the shark, the gnashing of teeth from sweet evil embark

And vacant eyes stare in utter repose so beautiful yet so unaware

Of the years that were lost and the tears that it cost to be both mommy and daddy personified

Elegant tables of white linen and lace laid out in the sun of a glass chandelier

A dark handsome stranger whose name slips her mind as so many before in the blinding stale paleness

Of a one-night boudoir in the still of the night…She gave her heart once more [To the father she adored?]

The man who would make it alright…The children and wife, the whole other life

….Too late revealed, naked and torn… she gave the devil her soul and the lay of the land

Comes round her way, the moon in her eyes, the curve of her neck as the henchman awaits

In the dark alley of souls piled sky-high on the mountain and laid low in the back of her mind

Swinging and singing ‘Rock a Bye Baby‘ tonight in your arms I lie down

The dress in the attic stored away with her soul, the time on her face can’t detract or erase

All the beauty within and the innocence of the angel who lies in her arms

The next generation sprung from her loins one she buried that year-long ago; chin up

Tears merge into memories… No you don’t have a grandpa; But you have a nana  and you have a mama

Who is come to life to be a chameleon at fate’s destiny and the lady smiles gracefully for the lady she dreams

In the stillness of nights and the shrieks and the screams and the tears and the pain the eye of the tiger

The moan of the train and the gnashing of teeth and the wisdom she brings will protect her offspring

For all generations to come from de jay vu of the deadbeat daddy (s) who will never hurt this child or her mother

(The daughters she loves more than life), Linens and lace and a glass chandelier, A dark handsome prince

Will come riding my love, Will come riding my love,

Hush and you’ll hear with your heart, I do swear…

I am the whimsical flower child whose eyes have seen all, And whose heart overflows in utter repose in the lines

Of her smile… a lone tear flows down, She’ll move heaven and earth to vehemently end the recycled abuse,

My darling granddaughters, I had high hopes for your mothers and there is no glass slipper

Unless you design it yourself  so lie back and smile In utter repose; for I am your grandmother [and mama]

And I am your Grandpa [and daddy]…for he took leave a long time ago

And fairy-tale princes are paupers and toads may well emerge into kings

So be strong and be proud and scream long and scream loud for you are beautiful inside and out;

And no insolent lover or absentee daddy or male shark in life’s murky waters

Need validate -or dishonor- this truth which I bequeath to you now—so listen intently and hold tight all your days

You are worth all the gold in this harsh barren land, You are smart and witty and cunning and pretty

And more masculine minded than any red-blooded man; You are equal… not less, you are proper and fine

Your heart is as strong as your mind… you are honest and deserving, My sweet baby child; You are quick and unnerving

You are centered and mild, And you run all your life with the wild– You will face heartache and pain but are blessed with a strength

Which no man can decrease or erase and you will easily stand on your own.

For your legacy here is foretold… the courageous women whose blood flows like fire through your veins:

Honesty, honor, respect and pride; These are virtues of which you can firmly take hold

So dream all your dreams but first and foremost be true to yourself–you are a jewel of perfection

With lovely sparkles of flaws,You are so deeply loved, So remember my lady when you sharpen your claws

And you steel for your prey-be steady and strong and be true; be all that you must, there is no right or wrong,

In the end to your own self be true…And through all of the sweetness and gnashing and tears and the lace and the leather

And puppy dog tears and fairy tale princes and rivals and freaks and oceans so big that they drown out your shrieks

And love so colossal a single breath you can’t find and walls with no windows hide life’s torrential rains

as sweet cherub faces swallow up all your pain and all the “I love you’s’, scuffles and sniffles and screaming and sighs

And warm summer breezes and freezing goodbyes…And as spring turns to autumn and winter looms; stark and white

Just remember you’re a lady and woman and child and you’ll always be loved and you’ll always be mine…

Every end’s a beginning and every beginning, an end; And the struggles and strife are soft angel wing snuggles that will always engulf

And surround you within from the first golden smile indelibly carved in my heart, I shall hold you forever and ever again,

you incredibly swallow my heart, so fall down and pray and thank God, yes, thank God,  all the days of your life…

Sharon Lynn Van Meter

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